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2in1 Treadmill Foldable Walking Pad Under Desk for Home Office | Remote Control + App

2in1 Treadmill Foldable Walking Pad Under Desk for Home Office | Remote Control + App

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Brand Name: YTYIN

Type of sports: Cadio Training

Training Site: Legs

Fold: No

Origin: US(Origin)

Application: Home Use Treadmill

Driving Power: Electric

Function: Multifunctional

Product Description

2 in 1 - Convertible

Walk or Run

.Empower yourself to choose between walking or running based on your current preferences. Our innovative 2-in-1 convertible treadmill effortlessly transforms within seconds, offering you the flexibility of a walking pad or a traditional treadmill. Experience the best of both worlds and tailor your workout to suit your needs

Customizable LED Ambiance LightsTake control of your training featuring a crystal-clear LCD display that brings all your important workout metrics into sharp focus. Customize your sessions with our LED system, selecting from 7 colors that adapt to your pulse or preference, ensuring a vibrant, personalized fitness experience.

By Remote Control or Smartphone

With just the click of a remote control or a tap on your smartphone, you have the power to start, stop, and adjust your workout intensity. Embrace the future of fitness where your training metrics are recorded and saved, ready to track your progress and push your limits.



Your Space - Your Workout

Craft your ideal training setting, anytime, anywhere - it's your choiceReach 10.000 Steps Easily

The best remedy for back pain is movement. Contribute to your health with our Walking Pad.



Experience Next Level Workout

Elevate with expert fitness. Individual tailored training experience for body and mind.


Run around the globe

Elevate your running experience and explore global paths around the world - on your TV at home.


Precision Metrics at Your Fingertip

All your training data at one sight. Track all your goals with one application.


Climb the leaderboard

Embark on thrilling challenges with friends, claim your gold medal, stay on top.


Nutrition and More

A healthy lifestyle demands healthier eating habits. Discover our recipes for a wholesome you.


1 Personal Coach 2 Landscape Mode 3 Training Metrics 4 Challenge Yourself 5 Healthy Cooking

1 LCD Display 2 Quietly Powerful 3 Premium Running Belt 4 Scope of Delivery 5 Powerful Engine


Q & A

Q. Does it come with a remote control ?

A. Yes

Q. Do you have to use the app to use the treadmill ?

A. With the purchase of the item you have included lifetime membership for Sportstech Live, including live workouts with trainers, videos and much more. Premium content for our best customers.

Q. Am I amble to use my smartphone instead of the remote control ?

A. Yes with Sportstech Live you are able to operate all functions by app on your smartphone or tablet.

Q. Is there any need of installation ?

A. No, the treadmill is ready to use after unboxing.

Q. Do I need to apply any changes to switch from walking pad to treadmill ?

A. No, simply press the fixing buttons to release the lock and decide whether you want to use a walking pad or treadmill.

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